A scar is a tissue that has been caused by inflammation and / or previous damage to the skin area, and if it is close to the joint, it can disrupt the movement of the limbs. Or create a bad look on the skin and make it look beautiful.
There are several reasons why there are several types of scars, and some types of skin are susceptible to scarring after injury and lesion. As a result, the duration of treatment is longer.

Skin inflammations such as chicken pox, young pride, grade 3 burns, animal bites, cutaneous surgical site and deep skin infections can make scars.

Subcision Helps to improve symptoms by minimizing scarring, increasing scrobbing movement, swelling of the scar tissue in the skin, and reducing the feeling of itching, numbness and pain.
These effects are enhanced by increasing local blood flow, improving local lymph circulation, and helping to excrete dead cells in the affected area.
In some patients, after the surgery, there is a pain in the area of ​​Oscar for a long time. This pain is intermittent and with a physical or psychological stress, this pain burns and disables the patient.
Such pains that are not easily controlled by conventional analgesics are caused by damage to the nervous system in the affected area. These changes are gradual in the area of ​​Oscars and are progressively improved with the advancement of the treatment. The smaller the scar size and the lower the depth, the easier and faster the treatment is, and the opposite of large and deep scars requires a longer course of treatment.
Advantages of subcision action

The subcision operation is an outpatient and non-dangerous procedure and is performed with local anesthesia and is a remarkable result when combined with other methods, such as micronidling. About 90% of patients recover from surgery and have temporary and transient side effects.
micronidling or subcision?

Micronidling is effective for skin surface lesions and its effect is on the dermal layer. It is the best method for surface deposition or pore opening and rejuvenation of the skin, while subcision is effective in stimulating collagenization under the skin and atrophic scars with This method is treated.
In many cases, due to surface and deep lesions, both the micronidling and subcision techniques are used simultaneously to make collagen and skin restoration both on and under the skin.

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