Botox Injection

What is botox?

Botox injections in the muscle will cripple muscle and reduce the lines of contraction of the muscles on the face. In this case, the face looks smoother. Usually, the results of Botox start after a few days and the final result will appear two weeks later.

The muscles injected with Botox lose some of their muscle strength. Botox does not last forever and four months later, the muscle finds its first strength and lines back.

Usually Botox injections are performed every four months and gradually help the patient deliberately leave the contraction of the muscle.

If Botox is injected by an experienced specialist and the Botox substance is essential and free of impurities, it will not harm the skin.

Does Botox Injection have a specific age limit?

These days Botox has many fans. Individuals aged 18 to 65 can benefit from Botox benefits. However, the best age for Botox injections is between the ages of 30 and 50. It is also advised not to use this method at an early age.

Does Botox have any side effects?

If our material comes from reputable brands like Korea and Discomfort, it does not have tolls for people, but unfortunately, Chinese Botox does not have this advantage.You may not have heard much about Chinese Botox, but you’ve heard their name in many places.

The problem with the Chinese Botox is that in the first stage, this type of Botox has a strong performance and strength, but over time, this property will be lost, drooping and deeper wrinkles.Also, these botoxes, Chinese Botox, are not known. For example, 50 units are written on them, but I’m not sure if its unit is 100% 50 units, because it may be 35 units or even 70 units.

Consequently, if Botox is not infused correctly, it may have side effects.Another problem is the reactivity of the reaction, which is much higher for Chinese medicines. Unfortunately, some people prefer to inject Chinese Botox because they are paying a lower price or a seemingly longer shelf-life.

When is the best Botox injection time?

Botox is best to be injected before leaving the skin, because Botox is relaxing muscle and does not have the ability to lift, so it’s best to get injected before wrinkling. In young people, the shape and effect of Botox is better, but at the younger ages, due to muscle contraction and the loss of Botox skin, little effect.

What injections of gel and botox are recommended?

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Pregnant women
  • People who have allergies

In our clinic, only the most reputable authorized botoxes, such as Dysport & Masport, are injected.

نمونه کارهای بوتاکس

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