Mole Removal

moles are small signs that can appear anywhere in the skin. Their color is usually brown and may be found individually or collectively on the skin. However, the moles may be dark blue, black, and pink.
Also, moles can be smooth , upright or curved and appear in a variety of colors. They can be personal attractive signs.
moles are very common. In fact, everyone at least has a spot in his body. Researchers believe that the moles that a person has are specific before are even his/her born . During the first twenty years of life, moles begin to appear. Changes in levels of hormones at different stages of life, such as puberty and pregnancy, can lead to the appearance and alteration of grafts, such as getting older and getting darker.
What is the procedure for mole laser removal?
Moles are sometimes removed using skin anesthetics, scissors, and surgical knives. In this method, the removal of the mole is a long recovery period, resulting in the presence of scarring in the mole spot.
In other cases, which is to completely eliminate facial mucus, it is necessary to remove the thick layer of the skin.This can lead to a remarkable scarring, and may even leave the scar area thin.
A better alternative, which does not lead to scarring and has less pain, is the use of laser.Laser moles are the easiest way to get rid of troublesome moles. In most cases, laser maturation does not require anesthesia.
Some patients have a tingling sensation or an emotional look like a rubber cushion when laser pulses hit their skin.In order to remove the mole, the laser closes the blood vessels and evaporates the tissue that is lost, so there is no need to cut the skin or use stitches.
In addition, in the laser method, the likelihood of scarring is much less than other methods.After laser surgery and elimination of moles, a scaling state occurs on the spot. This usually takes about two weeks and then gets better. At this time, there may be a slight reddening in the crustal area.This redness will also disappear by itself. Therapeutic centers By purchasing a variety of customized laser skin devices, depending on the location and sex, and the appearance of the skin and hair in that area, they choose the appropriate laser that matches the skin and hair of that area and can achieve the best possible results.

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