Co2 Fractional Laser


Co2 laser is one of the most common and, of course, best practices for treating skin wrinkles, acne and acne lesions, and generally skin rejuvenation.
Co2 fractional  laser is a new generation of new co2 lasers, which, despite all the benefits of the old lasers, but more so, do not have them.

In this context, co2 lasers have been used for more than two decades as the best way to treat non-surgical wrinkles and skin holes.

Although it was a very positive result, with a high success rate, it could remove skin complications and smooth skin, but the length of the healing period lasted 4 to 6 months after the laser, while the face should be It took about two weeks to dress, making it hard for some people and sometimes impossible to use.

But today, the problems with the new generation of co2 lasers, called Co2 fractional, have been largely solved. All the benefits of this laser are left and its complications and stiffness are eliminated. The flashing co2 laser can easily treat skin problems such as acne scars, deep wrinkles, skin loosening and tissue loss. The skin.

The main purpose of the fractional co2 lasers is to exfoliate the entire surface of the epidermis and Alatys Derma. These lasers have dual effects. First, they create new collagen in the skin, and the other causes the evaporation of water in the tissues. The process involves removing the layer From the skin in a moment.

Frequency Laser Cost:

A co2 laser is used for various occasions. For example, a person who treats healing is different from that of a person who performs skin rejuvenation, because the disease that is taking place in the womb is due to the depth of the bouts of the doctor. Determine that the patient uses a special drug or other combination lasers, such as a micronizing laser, alongside a flask laser, but a person who has come to rejuvenate or lift the face does not need hybrid techniques due to the skin.

Therefore, the cost of conducting a laser is different for each person.

Measures and care before and after laser cutting:
Avoid exposure to sunlight and using tanning devices and materials two to four weeks before the laser.
Stop 20-30 days before using the flask laser to use anti-aging and peeling products. If possible, avoid aspirin, advenistem and naproxen or any other anti-inflammatory drug.
Avoid any kind of glycolic acid treatments. Stop using minocycline, tetracycline and doxycycline. Avoid waxing, abrasive rubbing, and microdermabrasion treatments.

Before performing a flask laser, the patient should be examined by a dermatologist and dermatologist … The patient’s expectations should be checked and the degree of healing should be determined by the doctor and the method of doing the job.

At the time of performing a  co2 laser, you do not need anorexia ampoule, and only the use of local anesthetic creams that usually contain lidocaine or perlocaine is sufficient. They take the worms hour before the lasers, so that the patient does not feel a lot of pain during the work.

The duration of the laser is usually about 30 minutes. And after the end of the work, the skin of the lice is inflamed and inflamed. This doctor usually reduces the onset of compression with localized ice and cold water.
Fortunately, in this type of laser, such as older generations of lasers, there is no need to dress up the laser, and only to increase the speed of recovery, worms, such as zinc oxide, and regenerating and antibiotic creams, are prescribed by the doctor.
The day after a freshness laser, the skin looks like a mild burn or sunburn, and looks a bit darker. It should be improved within a week and with scaling, and for about two weeks redness and sweatiness on the skin will also disappear.
At this point, a fresh, rosy, clear, clear skin is felt; in about three weeks, the red cloaca disappears; your skin returns to a completely normal and young age.
It is recommended that you do not burn under direct sunlight for 6 days after 6 days. After a period of up to 3 weeks, the skin should be well treated for half an hour before leaving the house. From 30.
Also, do not use usual creams and cosmetics in the first week after the laser.
Avoid rubbing or tamping it when making a sachet on a laser-treated area.

Benefits of Laser co2:

The most important advantage of this laser is its two-dimensional laser compared to the old laser, its shorter recovery period, less pain for the patient, and the lack of need for anesthesia during surgery and postoperative dressing.

The following can also be said of the benefits of this type of laser compared to its old ones:

Increase collagenization
The ability to mimic, and stimulate simultaneously.
Reduce wrinkles and reduce skin loss
Ability to determine the spectrum in removing vascular and colored lesions
Difficulty Laser Dual Freaks:

The laser is not a double-flask in general, a particular complication that is permanent and worrisome. However, after a laser, redness and swelling and dark spots on the skin remain on the skin for two to three weeks. But these indications are due to the correct performance of your laser, and it is overlooked and fresh skin occurs.


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