Hair removal laser

Hair Removal laser is a device that performs the process of removing excess hair by exposing laser light pulses. This laser can eliminate hair follicles and prevent hair growth. These devices have been commercially available since the mid-1990s. Laser unwanted hair with the most advanced technology. At the same time, three laser lasers give our clinic the ability to make lasers for a variety of skin, whether it’s brilliant. For each area of ​​the body, laser is provided. For example, the ear of the underarm face of the forehead of the bikini (genital) and …

Facial lasers are only performed by Dr. Ayoubi.
For the comfort of ladies, the laser body and bikini areas are performed by a lady expert.
Healthy environment is approved by the Ministry of Health.
Lasers are repeatedly reviewed by Dr. Ayoubi and expert engineers.


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