Face lift with yarn

The beauty of the skin has a great effect on the beauty of the face. With age, wrinkles on the skin are created, which makes the wrinkles grow older, so you have to find a solution to get rid of wrinkles.

There are many ways to care for the skin that prevents wrinkles, but if you notice wrinkles on the face, you should find a way to treat it.
One of these is facial lifting with yarn, which eliminates wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

Face lifting with a yarn is a way to treat wrinkles and is anti-aging. As the age rises, collagen disappears gradually, causing wrinkles on the skin, restoring facial expressions with collagen yarns, and providing a beautiful, smooth skin.

The location of the yarn is determined by a specialist. After locating, the needle is prepared for inserting the yarn (this place is very small and will not be left). Normally, on each side, there is one to three yarns will be. The yarn specifies the yarn and the yarn is a specialist doctor!
The benefits of yarn lift

Low complications
Perfect skin rejuvenation
The  low number of sessions
No need for surgery and anesthesia
Thickness and tensile strength
The least damage to the skin
Ability to be absorbed by the body

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