About US

About Us

Dr. Seyed Arash Ayoubi started his activity in the field of dermatology, hair and beauty in the area of Azadegan plain after graduating from the specialty and board. He gradually started working at Ahvaz’s large oil hospital and military and police hospitals.

From the very beginning, he has been working to increase his skill in treating skin and hair diseases, as well as familiarizing himself with the newest methods of beauty and skin rejuvenation. In order to achieve this goal, he has participated in various educational courses in various European countries, in particular France, and the result of continuous attendance at internal and external congresses has been familiar with the most advanced methods of beauty science.

Our Mission

We have done our best to provide the best service with the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Continuous presence and constant supervision of a physician (Dr. Ayoubi) on all clinic services
  • Respect Clients
  • Providing services with the highest quality and standards
  • Continuous updating of all devices in the clinic
  • The latest and most advanced beauty technology in the world

Statistics reveals the truth

A high doctor’s experience and numerous surgeries will make you trust in Beauty surgery. truth

2300Gel & Fat Injection
860Skin Rejuvenation
550Hair transplant

Are you looking for consultation on skin, hair and beauty?

Direct doctor supervision

All activities of the clinic are under constant supervision of a specialist physician (Dr. Arash Ayoubi)

Use the latest methods in the world

All of the devices used in the clinic are constantly updated and used the latest and most advanced technology in the world..

High Satisfaction

The high number of your visits reflects your satisfaction with our services. This satisfaction is our pride.

Free Consultation

Beauty counseling is available in the evening Specially on Tuesdays at 14:45

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