About massotherapy

This method is applicable to hair and eyebrows.
In massotherapy, vitamins and proteins are injected into the skin, which directly feeds nutrients to the hair roots.
3 Massotherapy materials should be provided by authorized and licensed companies.
4 The needles are used to infuse needles, so pain is minimized and less asthenia is used.
5 It is best to shower before massotherapy and keep your skin clean.
6 It’s better not to scrub up to 8 hours after massotherapy.
7 Often a dermatologist also gives you oral or topical medications that you should use along with massotherapy, which is massotherapy supplementing those medications.
8 The number of massotherapy sessions varies from person to person because the severity of the hair loss and the root of the hair and the loss of hair do not differ from one another to another, some are answered earlier and some later.
9 Often, one should conduct several sessions of massotherapy at intervals that are close and regular, with intervals of about 10 to 14 days, once and 4 to 6 sessions, and then, every one to two months, massotherapy should be repeated for one session The distance between session meetings is varied among people, for example, if a person feels weak after a month and a half, then after a half-month, he repeats a charge session, and if someone feels weak after two months The hair had to repeat a single session every two months. Rarely, there are some people who, after three or four months, feel red hair, so they should Then proceeded to re-charge injection.
10 After at least 2 months from the start of the injection, a little fresh hair will appear in the head, which can be seen in the front of the head.

However, a slight reduction in hair loss should be expected for at least three months .. Notice that in some people about 3-4 days after the onset of the injection, a marked reduction is expected, but after about a week to ten days, hair loss It starts that should not be disappointed. It’s quite natural.
11 Why should we re-charge massotherapy after a 4-6 sessions at intervals of one to two months?
Because the vitamins we have put on and stored in the skin are consumed by the hair and the hair needs growth to grow nutrients.
12 Do all people need massotherapy recharging? No, if for example, the cause of hair loss is stress, or bad nutrition, or weight loss, if the cause of the loss is eliminated, then there is no need to repeat the charge. But if the cause is hormonal, the annoying hormone will be built up in the middle and the mucosa will be weakened, and massotherapy should be prolonged longer. Made
13 Is it possible for an individual to have full rehearsal of massotherapy sessions and periods?
Yes, for example, if re-starting the diet and weight loss, or returning intense mental stress, it is clear that the hair is again shocked and needs to be strengthened and re-established.
14. Massotherapy is a low-cost method, but it is a useful and less complicated way. Therefore, we must be sure of our financial strength before starting work, because leaving half-time is just a loss to us and we will not go back.
15 If you are taking blood thinners such as aspirin, plavix, yavorfarin, etc., you should inform your doctor, because at least one week before massotherapy, the medications should be discontinued in consultation with your doctor.
16 After massotherapy, we will have some pain and sometimes swelling in the skin that is transient and does not matter.

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