Gel injection

Gel injection is used to rejuvenate or highlight part of the face, and male or female, or age is not matter for gel injection. Gel injection is one of the best and most popular methods of beauty.
The gel used for injection There are many types, all of which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
But the most popular injectable gel is hyaluronic acid. The popularity of this gel also has other feature except for shaping and forming.
In fact, this The substance naturally exists in the human body and acts as a lubricant to the connective tissue, the joints of the body, the eyes and the skin.
The result is to improve the moisture and the quality of the skin (by absorbing the water to the surface of the skin). As a result, it can be said that the injection of hyaluronic acid gel has not only a problem, but also, quick appearance improvment, skin quality Gradually increases.
Signs of aging are created over time due to sun rays, heredity and lifestyle, and one of the early signs of it is wrinkling and reducing the size of the skin. With the injection of fillers in non-surgical form, the volume can increase and these wrinkles disappear.
These injections are suitable for you if you would appear younger and disappear wrinkles.
What is the use of gel injection?
Injection of gel has many uses in various medical sciences, which consist of:
Increase the volume of facial components by gel injection
Lip Forming (Lip Prosthesis)
chin Enlargement (chin Prosthesis)
Highlighting cheek (cheek prosthesis)
Which areas are suitable for injectable gels?
With the injection of the gel, the lost volume of skin recovered immediately and the wrinkles like smile lines disappear.
IIn addition, with some types of it, you can reduce the drooping of the under-eyes or the dentures of some parts of the skin.
In addition to increasing the volume of lips, cheeks, and to remove the rust line that does not resolve with Botox, it could be used.
What are the benefits of gel injection?
Beauty methods each have their own advantages and disadvantages, these features, as well as the patient’s condition and wishes, are those that help the physician to choose the method of treatment.
The advantages of the gel injection method are as follows:
Gaining positive results immediately after the end of the injection
Non-invasive technique and no need for surgery
Not recovering and resting after the end of injection
The high percentage of people’s satisfaction with the results of this method
Getting totally natural results
No need for sedative and anesthetic drugs
Applicable during a 20 minute session
no effect on the ability of an individual to show facial expressions such as smile and frown and …
The ability to recover and correct the result of the injection in case of dissatisfaction
Health and safety approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Does the injection of the gel have any complications?
The complications of injectable gels are highly dependent on the type of gel, good gels that the bodydoes not react to them , and then, over time, do not lose their consistency and shape under the skin of the injection site.
For example, there are gels that do not have any problems after injection for a few months, but after a few years transform in bullet shape, in which case it is very difficult for them to drain from the skin, so applicant should asks his doctor the type and brand of the gel.
there are some complications that have nothing to do with the quality of the injectable gel, but because of the wrong injection technique.
For example, if the area is not disinfected and sterile injections are not followed, an infection may occur at the injection area , which in these cases It can be solved with appropriate antimicrobial therapy.
In some cases, minor complications can occur in the first 2 to 3 days of injection, such as swelling and inflammation of the injection area , or even bruising and i would be recovered after a week.

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