hifu therapy

what is hifu?
Sound waves are called ultrasounds, similar to those used in sonography.

What does hifu do with the skin?
The hifu waves go deep into the skin and heat the produce.
What benefits does hifu have for skin?
The production of heat under the skin causes collagenization, which is the same as the collagen that builds the skin scaffold and keeps the skin cleavage firm.

What happens on face and neck skin after hifu?
The collagen that makes up our body makes the skin harder and thicker, which means that hifu forces the skin to reassure itself.

hifu has bleeding and skin bleeding? Does the device inject something into the skin?
What age is suitable for hifu?
Thirty to sixty years
how hifu makes a difference in our face?
It depends entirely on age. For example, a thirty-year-old woman who is just beginning to have a skin scrub with her skin hangs. After hifu, her relatives may not see much or no trace of her face, since at first she has had a little problem and hifu was taken to prevent her hair. Of course, the individual himself, when he comes to his skin, will notice the rigidity of the skin. In contrast, for example, in forty-six years old, which is a moderate and clear dispersion, after hifu changes are clearer for himself and his friends.
how many sessions are needed?
Depending on age and the ability to build collagen in a person.
For example, a thirty-year-old woman needs about one meeting and two or three years later she needs to repeat it again. But a 50-year-old woman might ask a repeat year later.
which persons are more suitable for hifu?
The less the less it is, the lower the hifu, the better the answer.
my 37 year old friend and I had hifu but everyone says  it was more beneficial for your friend.why?
The effect of hifu is due to collagenization, some of the body’s ability to build collagen is less, so it’s less responsive, or nutrition, and weight loss, and weight loss are all effective.
An example of a thirty-year-old woman without any skin rash Can it hifu?
Yes, with the goal of slow down aging and anticipating rapid aging
How does hifu show?
After hifu, the skin of the face and neck creates a little collagen, and about three months later the hifu effect begins and lasts up to six months.
An example of a fifty-year-old woman who had been hifu four months ago and who was satisfied and who was asked to repeat it for more?
Wait at least six months to show its full hifu effect, then repeat if needed
How many hifu days do we leave?
After hifu, what are the tolls in the face and neck? Is it ugly at work?
Then hifu is frying in a few hours. The swelling is often mild and lasts for a week, and rarely bruises in the skin that disappears for about two weeks.
Then hifu hurts?
The degree of sensitivity of the individual is different, but often we get a bit uncomfortable when we go to the skin for two to four weeks, or there is a feeling of wrinkling in the skin, all of which are transient.
Then hifu what do we make?
Do not worry about the day. It’s very obligatory right now
hifu is as effective as skin surgeon?
No, hifu does not cure the size of the skin surgery, but if you do not have surgery or can not do surgery or if you are less likely to have surgery that is no longer rational, or if it is mild or moderate, then hifu can be used instead.
We get less hifu than surgery, but we escape a heavy surgeon.
We’ve heard that skin traction surgery is permanent, so why give hifu money?
Aging never stops. Hifu is not permanent, even surgery is not permanent.
Which areas of hifu benefit?
Eyebrows go up a bit because the forehead becomes tight.
Wrinkles around the eyes are diminished
The skin on the tip of the cheek and the skin of the jaw are tightened.
The gobbins are gathered up and up and the neck is pulled together.
The decolletage area also has good effects.
Combining hifu with other works of rejuvenation?
Yes, that’s a lot better. Botox infusion of liposoluble gel, peppermint, etc. along with hifu are complementary to each other. However, your doctor needs to be very careful to combine these.
Is hifu suitable for men? Yes, but the date of referrals should be corrected for beard and hair.
hifu for coke and vkk volk?
It’s ineffective because hifu goes inside the skin and does not work.
How long does each session last?
Depending on the workload, it is between 40 and 90 minutes.
How much does hifu cost?
The cost of each session depends on the size of the work, that is, the number of shots that enter the skin, for example, the cost of someone who shot a thousand, out of a distance of seven hundred.
Remember, hifu has consumables that need to be changed frequently, and they are also bought with dollars, so be careful when offering a very cheap price, because you should inevitably have to drop a shot and say hifu is useless.
How are shot and costs calculated?
After consulting at Clinic on the eve of the week and on Tuesday, the specialist will first hear your wishes, then the skin will be examined and the number of shots will be determined.
The provided content is a result of the extensive study of the numerous domestic and foreign periods of the country and the experience gained on the references is certainly not perfect and the goal is to increase your awareness of the magnanimity. Unfortunately, in some sites or some centers, the magnitude of the impact of the devices is magnified. My doctor, Ayoubi I would like to ask you before you go to the beauty centers first to determine the purpose of the visit. Complete the research and select reputable and up-to-date centers with very good doctors.
After many years of research and the comparison of the effects of devices inside and outside the country, one of the most used hifu devices was added to the clinic. The 2018 device was the most widely used device in the country. The device is fast and powerful and has the most advanced technology.

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